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Individual, group and family therapy, mental health assessment, psychiatric evaluation, case management, substance abuse services

The goal of our Behavioral Health programs is to provide children and families with a safe, warm and non-judgmental therapeutic experience.  At the Center for Family and Child Enrichment, every client is very important to us and we want to be sensitive to their needs. Our goal is to improve the emotional and mental health of all our clients, while also striving to enrich their overall quality of life. 

Individual, Group & Family Therapy

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These therapeutic services offer individuals dealing with emotional and/or disruptive behaviors an avenue towards healthy change. Therapists use an array of evidence based therapeutic techniques to increase engagement and alignment with the client and family, which leads to an increased sense of well-being. 

Behavioral Health Case Management

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This service provides planning, linking and monitoring of services to maximize strengths and reduce functional deficits stemming from a mental health disorder that interferes with the client’s emotional, familial, educational, developmental, vocational, and/or community adjustment. This grants clients access to mental health, social, educational and other support services.

Psychiatric Services

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This service allows clients with debilitating mental health issues to receive recommended assessments, medication and prescriptions for additional services from our on-site board certified psychiatrists. Medication management groups decrease the perceived stigma of taking medication and enhance peer support and other aspects of our social and emotional health.

Mental Health Assessment

Support Group

Center for Family and Child Enrichment provides Mental Health assessments to determine what services are the best fit for each individual. A licensed therapist will assess the client to establish appropriate levels of care based on information ascertained in the bio-psychosocial assessment utilizing evidence based tools. 

Substance Use Treatment for Children


This program targets the adolescent population (ages 12-17), who are self-referred or recommended by the Juvenile Justice Department to initiate services related to substance abuse. The program will encompass individual therapy, group therapy, random drug screens, and 12-step recovery implementation.  Providers use Motivational Interviewing and Seeking Safety interventions.

Substance Use Treatment for Adults

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This program targets the adult population, both self-referred and court-referred for substance use treatment. This encompasses individual and group therapy, drug screens, and 12-step recovery implementation. In the sessions, providers use Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral techniques to facilitate awareness of the need for change and coping skills development. 


Homework Help

The Parenting Program serves community-based and dependency families using a court-approved Nurturing Parenting Curriculum. The components covered are the philosophy of nurturing parenting, loving and praising children, healthy and effective parenting techniques to improve parenting skills, discipline without spanking and the negative effects of the use of substance dependence on families and children. 

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