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Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is the foundation of CFCE’s operation. 

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Continuous Quality Improvement

Quality is a central tenet of the Center for Family and Child Enrichment’s (CFCE) vision and mission.  Accordingly, Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is the foundation of CFCE’s operation. 


The CQI Program focus is the ongoing assessment and improvement of clinical care and service delivery.  After problem areas are identified, they are prioritized in support of the organization’s strategic plan, and the application of best practice within the organization. 


Patient care, service delivery and customer service are monitored continuously.  Staff is required to be knowledgeable of the CQI program, and participate in the process.  All departments/programs are required to have representation and participation in all CQI committees.  Senior Managers often act as facilitators of quality improvement initiatives, and solicit participation and feedback from staff on all levels. The CQI Department is part of Administration in which specific fiscal resources have been allocated. 


The Board of Directors is ultimately accountable for the level of quality and safety of the health center and the organization.  They fully support the CQI program, and is actively involved in the process.  The use of CQI to assess and identify issues that need improvement is standard throughout the organization.  It is used as a managerial tool to assess and improve patient care and services on an ongoing basis. All CFCE departments/programs are engaged in the gathering and analysis of data.  Data is collected and analyzed prior to any recommendations being made to study a clinical service and/or a process and/or establish indicators.  Data is the foundation of all CQI studies.  Reports are the mechanisms used to report outcomes, and to recommend improvements to the Board of Directors.  Reports are reviewed by all levels of employees through their department/program meetings, CQI Sub-Committees, and the Joint CQI Council.  CQI education is ongoing through department, general staff, committee, and training meetings.  Communication with staff and stakeholders is essential.  Changes that are implemented as a result of the quality improvement process are monitored and measured. CFCE strives for continuous excellence. 

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